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Department  Of Anatomy

 . The 29th Annual Conference of Association of Anatomists, Tamil Nadu held at Sri Balaji Medical    College & Hospital, Chennai on 9th, 10th September 2006 was attended by Dr. T. Rajan and Mr. J.    Kalaivannan, Asst. Professors of the department.

 . The Students of VMMC, Karaikal also presented papers in the above  conference

 . The 54th National Conference of Anatomical Society of India held from 28th to 30th December, 2006  was attended by:

  1. Dr. B. Mukherjee who chaired one scientific session
  2. Dr. T. Rajan presented the following papers
  A. Comparison of whale vertebrae and human vertebrae
  B. A  model of Middle Ear.
 . The students of Vinayaka Mission's Medical College, Karaikal also presented various papers under     the  guidance of the teachers from Surgery and Orthopedic Department in the above conference.
 . Karnataka State Conference of Anatomists which was followed by a workshop on Plastination and    Neurohistochemistry held from 25th to 27th May, 2007 at JSS Medical College, Mysore was       attended    by Dr T. Rajan.

Department Of  Biochemistry
 . 10/03/2007  Inter College Biochemistry Quiz Competition at AVMC, Puducherry organized by  AMBI.

   Participants -                i) Mr. R. Saravanan                  ii) Ms. Sonali Padhi
   Accompanied by -         i) Dr. P. K. Mohanty                  ii) Dr. V. P. Acharya      

 . 22/03/09  Inauguration of Biochemistry Wall Magazine (WIN-ZINE)

 . Ongoing research activities:
        i) Standardization of different methods of detection of microalbuminuria.      
        ii) Water iodine content and correlation with hypothyroidism.                     

Department Of  Pathology
 . IAPM conference held in Bangalore from 4th to 9th Dec, 2006.
   Attended by -               i) Dr. S. Anuradha


 . CME on Breast Lesions  held at Meenakshi Mission's Medical College, Kancheepuram, on 25th Jan    2007.
   Attended by-                 i)   Dr. Seshi Parasuraman     ii)  Dr. S. Anuradha     
                                      iii) Dr. Pradeep Kumar            iv) Dr. Sumanth

 . International CME on Bone Pathology held in New Delhi from 23rd to 25th Feb, 2007.

 . Two papers were presented by:            i) Dr. S. Anuradha       ii) Dr. S. Suganthi
    A  prize was won for one of the papers.

 . International Dermatopathology Symposium held in Bangalore from 28th to 29th April, 2007.

   Attended by -                i)  Dr. Seshi Parusuraman      ii) Dr. M. Balamurugan
                                      iii) Dr. Pradeep Kumar            iv) Dr. Sumanth

Department Of  Physiology
 . National CME on “An update in electro physiology”, conducted by Institute of Physiology &    Experimental Medicine, MMC, Chennai  on 20/01/2007


   Attended by -                i) Dr. S. Jayabharthi               ii) Dr. Chandrakala B.S.

 . All India CME on 11/04/2007, “Milieu Endo  2007”, conducted by Department of Physiology, sri    Meenakshi Medical College & Research Institute, Enathur, Kancheepuram

   Attended by -                i) Dr. S. Jayabharathi             ii) Dr. M. Saravanan

Department of General Medicine
 . Indo-US Emergency Medicine Summit in All India Institute of Medical  Sciences, New Delhi,attended    by Dr. Capt. S. Durairajan from 27th Sept. to 1st Oct, organized by AIIMS & University of South    Florida, Vinayaka Mission's Medical College  Department of Medicine became the Founder Member Emergency Medicine, Academic council of India.
 . RSSDI- New Delhi in March 2006 and APICON-Goa in February 2007 attended by Dr. V. Sakthivel.

Memorable patients  Published in BMJ  in July 2006 by Dr. V. Sakthivel.
A case of  Idiopathic Hypogonadotrophic Hypogonadism  accepted for publication.

Department Of Ophthalmology
CME on Glaucoma, basics & current concepts, Joseph Eye Hospital, Trichy held on 09/07/06
Attended by -                i) Dr S. P. Annamalai               ii) Dr. K. Kalaivani
TNDA, JIPMER, Pondicherry, held on 11th to 13th Aug, 2006.
Attended by -                i) Dr. K. Kalaivani
CME on state of the art ophthalmic live surgeries, Joseph Eye Hospital, Trichy held on 10th to 11th   Feb    2007.Attended by - i)  Dr Kalaivani

Department Of Orthopaedics

TNOACON 2006, March at Chennai   Poster presentation       i) L-Episcopo - Green Procedure Dr.   K. Saravanan      ii) Intramedullary Nailing through Regenerate  By Dr. A. H. Ansari.
TNOACON 2007 Paper presentation
     i) Deformity correction by JESS apparatus By Dr. K. Saravanan
    ii) Lumbar Disc prolapse  various modalities of management
   iii) Pyknodysostosis in 3 male siblings By Dr. C. J. Ravi
   iv) Open reduction Internal Fixation for Bilateral Posterior Fracture Dislocation Shoulder By B. Srinivasan   
    v) Tibial Hemimelia  atypical presentation  surgical correction  By Dr. A. P. Kamal                                                                     


Department Of  Paediatrics
Karai Pedicon & Exhibition -2007  Theme  Save The Child: Secure The Future : conducted by   Department of Pediatrics (Organizing Chairman Dr. Susheela Rajendran, Organizing Secretaries Dr.   Pushpendra Magon and Dr. S. Narendra) Other important activities include celebration of World Breast Feeding Week, World Hemophilia Day.


1. Dr. Susheela Rajendran has been selected as the president of the TTKPN branch of Tamil Nadu   State Branch of Indian Academy of Pediatrics for the year 2007-2008. Attended IMNCI (Intregrated   Management of Neonatal and Childhood Illness) training course.
2. Dr. A. Radha Krishna, Professor and Head of Department of Pediatrics International Pediatrics   Hemophilia CME (Indo-French), National Conference on Infectious Diseases and South Zone   Pedicon, IMNCI (Integrated Management of Neonatal and Childhood Illness) training course as   well.

3. Dr. Pushpendra Magon: Reader, Department of Pediatrics IMNCI (Integrated Management of   Neonatal and Childhood Illness) training course. HIV training & workshop attended at Namakkal   conducted by MGR Medical University, Chennai.International Pediatrics Hemophilia CME   (Indo-  French), National Conference on Infectious Disease.

IHTC (International Hemophilia Treatment Centre) Fellowship awarded by World Federation of   Hemophilia to Dr. Pushpendra Magon.
“Revision classes in Pediatrics “ Book written by Dr. Pushpendra Magon. accepted for publication by   JAYPEE Brothers Publishing House.

Department Of  Skin & Venereology
Prof. Parasuraman, HOD, attended the Immunodermatopathology International symposium organized   by Dermatoligical Society in association with Department of Dermatopathology, Wayne State   University USA on 28th, 29th April, 2007, at St. Jones Medical College, Bangalore.


Journal Publications by Dr. Sri Venkateswaran. Professor, Dept. of Dermatology & Venereology.
1. “Cutis Verticis gyrate  case study” published in the Indian Jouanal of Practical Paediatrics, Oct-   2006, Vol 8, No. 4, page 319. 2. “A case of Neuromyelitis optica  Devic's disease with giant   intracranial   calcification” published in The Antiseptic, Vol 103 July 2006, page 385-86. Papers   presented in National/ Zonal Conferences by Dr. Sri Venkateswaran, Professor, Dept. of   Dermatology & Venereology:

1. Research papers “Extended applications of Digicam and Handycams in Macrophotography”   presenyed in the 14th South Zone Conference of IADVL held between 8th to 10th Sept, 2006 in   Vishakapanam.

2. First author of research paper “Digital videomicroscopy  Newer diagnostic aid for venereologist”   presented in the 30th National Conference of Indian Association for the study of Sexually   Transmitted   Disease & AIDS held in between 6th to 8th October, 2006 in Chennai. (Presenyed by   Dr. Ashok Babu,   Post graduate).

3.Poster “Acquired localized an hidrosis and sudomotor dysfunction following electrical injury”   presented in the 35th National Conference of Indian Association of Dermatologists, Venereologists   and Leprologists held in Chennai from 25th to 28th Jan, 2007.


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